About the Kingdom #1

We believe in the glorious appearance of Jesus our Lord in the air to receive us on the day of the Lord as we are changed instantly and become as He is and are raptured to join Him in the sky. Our bridegroom will welcome us, His bride unto Himself in Heaven. We believe in the rulership of Christ upon the Earth, the ressurection of the regenerate to eternal life and the unregenerate to damnation, and the ultimate victory of the eternal kingdom of God.

(Acts 1:9-11,Dan 12:2,Rev 22:1-7

& 1 Thess 4:13-18).

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About the Scriptures #2

We believe the Holy Scriptures is inspired by the Spirit of God  and it was accepted as  canon by the early Church. It is a living book written as a complete guidance for christian living and is infalliable as the Word of God.

(2 Tim 3:15-17).

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About the Trinity #3

We believe in one God in three persons, revealed as Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
We believe that our Lord Jesus Christ is the only begotten of the Father, and is truly God, truly Man. He was born of the virgin Mary, lived a sinless life on the Earth, died a vicarious and atoning death for the sins of the whole world, was resurrected bodily for our justification and now reigns in glory as He is manifested today on the earth through His Church.

(Deut 6:4, 2 Cor 13:14, John 1:1).

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About the Pastor

Dipo Johnson is an anointed Pastor and Teacher of the Word of God, sent by God to help the body of Christ apply their own faith in God to work and come to full maturity in Christ Jesus.

He is a compassionate and contemporary minister, known for skilfully communicating the simple gospel of Jesus Christ with confirmations of improved lives of the hearers.

Dipo has been ministering the Word for 20 years, having pastored and mentored a few churches over that period and he is a firm believer in conveying a relevant message that can help all people bé the best that God made them to bé.

Next Steps…

If you are in the greater London area, you are welcome to worship with us for our Sunday morning Service @ 12.30pm – 1.30pm

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